Government Consultation on the use of NDAs in Settlement Agreements

The APPG welcomes the announcement made today by the Minister for Small Businesses, Kelly Tolhurst MP, that the government will set out legal proposals to clarify the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in the context of misconduct in the workplace. Beyond the workplace, however, NDAs are also regularly used by financial institutions to prevent one aggrieved party assisting another aggrieved party, or to supress potentially criminal conduct. The use of an NDA has moved from a legitimate agreement between two parties to a tool of abuse used by a stronger part to intimidate the weaker party, and the APPG will
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Bank Signature Forgery Campaign

On 1st February 2019, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking, co-chaired by Kevin Hollinrake MP, announced their support for the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign. The APPG receives frequent and consistent representations from constituents with concerns over the forgery of signatures, so this campaign will provide a vital method of gathering evidence of possible signature forgeries by UK banks in court documents. The campaign is encouraging personal and business customers who have received a bank court document from any UK bank or finance company to send a photo or photocopy of the bank signature, along with the name
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Serious Allegations of Treasury Involvement in RBS GRG

Court papers published this week indicate that the government had “day-to-day” involvement and “strategic” control over RBS’ GRG division through the Asset Protection Agency. These allegations, which date back to late 2009, are extremely serious and clearly require an urgent a thorough investigation. This needs to determine the true extent of the relationship between the Treasury and RBS in their mistreatment of business customers in the aftermath of the financial crisis. These allegations come after years of campaigning by many stakeholders to uncover the true nature of the abuse to small businesses, which are not confined to RBS. Thousands of
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UK launch of the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking consultation

This week, the APPG on Fair Business Banking hosted the UK launch of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative’s (UNEP FI) consultation on their ‘Principles for Responsible Banking’, which provide the banking industry with a framework to embed sustainability at the heart of their operations in order to tackle climate change and promote the Sustainable Development Goals. The Principles equip financial institutions with a roadmap to tackle the biggest challenges facing society. They represent a vital step towards redefining the social purpose of the financial industry to eliminate the practices and behaviours that have plagued the business banking sector
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The Chancellor backs the APPG’s concerns over UK Finance’s historic scheme

We strongly welcome the Chancellor’s response to UK Finance’s proposals, as well as the recognition that they should go significantly further than their current position. We are particularly pleased that the Chancellor has set an expectation that the bank’s default position should be that there is no cap on the amount of compensation awarded. The Chancellor has also opened the door to reopen complaints considered by schemes such as the Lloyds Bank Griggs Review and the RBS GRG Review who feel that their cases were not properly addressed. We are also pleased that the Chancellor will take a continued interest
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