Statement on release of draft Project Lord Turnbull Report - 21 June 2018

Statement from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking 21 June 2018 Draft Project Lord Turnbull Report Release The All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking has today published the draft Project Lord Turnbull report, which makes serious allegations of fraud, malpractice and a subsequent cover up at Lloyds and HBoS. We have released the report as part of our long-term aim to restore confidence in the banking system and allow those who are seeking redress as a result of the banks’ actions access to evidence, which might support their claims. The contents and allegations contained within
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Contracts Working Group announcement - 7 June 2018

The APPG on Fair Business Banking and UK Finance are delighted to announce the formation of a Contracts Working Group. Led by Momentous Change Ltd, the Group will examine the contracts of participating financial institutions to ensure that they adhere to the principles outlined in the Lending Standards Board’s Standards of Lending Practice. The Founding Director of Momentous Change Ltd, Michelle Thomson, will work alongside a steering committee with representatives from UK Finance, Lending Standards Board, Chartered Banker Institute, Federation of Small Businesses and SME Alliance to ensure that all interested parties are represented on this piece of work as
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Statement on Back Bench Business Debate Application - 5 March 2018

The APPG on Fair Business Banking and Finance have applied for a back bench business debate. The disclosure of the Section 166 report into RBS GRG has brought to a head many of the issues the APPG has been tackling for years. Since the financial crash MPs have heard reports from their constituents that the mistreatment highlighted in the s166 report was repeated across many banks and building societies. In the face of banks’ liquidity requirements at the time, the apparent strategy of distressing businesses, property down-valuations, forced administrations and selling assets was not isolated to RBS. The potential conflicts
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Position Statement on RBS s166 Report and Call for Public Inquiry into Business Banking - 27 February 2018

With the release of the RBS GRG Section 166 report into the public domain, we must once again ask ourselves, when do we say enough is enough? Following on from our debate on 18 January 2018, which set in motion the chain of events that led to the publication of the report, the APPG on Fair Business Banking is once again calling for an industry-wide inquiry that covers the full matrix of financial institutions and their professional advisors. We also reiterate the need for an appropriate, independent system for dispute resolution and redress. In the meantime, we call for all
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Statement on the election of new APPG officers - 9 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that following an APPG EGM conducted on Monday 5 February 2018 we have two new co-chairs, and two new MPs representing the APPG on Fair Business Banking and Finance. This EGM was called following Clive Lewis MP’s promotion to the Shadow Front Bench, which meant that he was no longer permitted to stand as co-chair for the APPG. Lord Cromwell (Crossbench) has also stepped down from his position as co-chair due to other commitments, but will continue as vice-chair. As a result, we have two new co-chairs on the APPG. Kevin Hollinrake MP (Conservative) and
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