Levelling the playing field between
businesses and their lenders

Our Goal

Banking and financial services are a world-leading UK industry and are vital to our economy. However, almost a decade after the 2008 banking crash, businesses remain reticent to put their trust back into these institutions. The fallout from the liquidity crisis has exposed deeps cracks in our system that have had a catastrophic affect not only on individual businesses, but on the economy as a whole.

The APPG on Fair Business Banking is working to identify these failings and, working with industry, regulators and businesses, put forward positive proposals for change.

Allowing all businesses to thrive

As it stands, the law leaves microbusinesses and major employers alike vulnerable. The imbalance of power which exists between banks and businesses has led to the damage and destruction of otherwise viable businesses, and has endangered our prospects for a strong and enduring economic recovery. Our aim is to redress that balance and help create the ‘level playing field’ that SMEs require.

Businesses require a finance and banking system that allows innovation and enterprise to flourish. We’re aiming for a finance sector that truly serves the interests of the businesses that constitute the ‘life blood of the economy’.

Current focus

The APPG on Fair Business Banking will be concentrating on three core transformative objectives: an enforceable code of conduct including contractual clarity, an effective dispute resolution mechanism and reform of the insolvency system.

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How can you help?

The APPG for Fair Business Banking is supported by subscription fees through our Associate Membership scheme for professionals, companies and other interested groups. We also very much welcome donations from individuals.

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Latest News & Events

Our news and events page has regular updates on our up-coming events and debates, and findings from our inquiries.

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Support our work

The APPG does not receive any taxpayer funding but there are costs associated with research, administration, event management, running a website and more. It is managed by its secretariat, FBB Foundation, which is not-for-profit and relies on and donations from individuals, companies and other interested groups.

As the APPG gains yet more traction, it is imperative that we are able to raise sponsorship to build on our already substantial progress. To that end, we are inviting donations to support our work. Please find below a link for donations, which can be ‘one off’ or on a monthly basis. We recommend a minimum donation of £250 per annum.

There are also opportunities to sponsor events. Please contact heather.buchanan@appgbanking.org.uk.

Any donations will be recorded publicly in our register of interests.