Levelling the playing field between businesses and their lenders

Our Goal

The APPG on Fair Business Banking puts forward policy recommendations that create a balanced finance system allowing enterprise to flourish and business to thrive. We use our voice at Parliament to help shape a level playing field between businesses and the banks that lend to them, while supporting a resilient business banking sector to deliver quality, choice and opportunity for businesses.

Current Focus

The global pandemic has deeply impacted our economy, and coupled with the climate change challenge, the sector is expecting significant change. The APPG on Fair Business Banking will be concentrating on the evolution of the business banking industry in response to these challenges to ensure that the survival and wellbeing of business is prioritised. We also need to ensure that the mistakes which left so many business owners in damaging and unfair situations are not repeated. Of biggest concern to us will be: tackling unregulated vulture funds, supporting the development of a strong and diverse business banking market and coordinating banks’ work to confront the Race to Zero challenge in a way which is fair to business.

Support Our Work

The APPG does not receive any taxpayer funding but there are costs associated with research, administration, event management, running a website and more. It is managed by its secretariat, Athena Foundation, which is not-for-profit and relies on and donations from individuals, companies and other interested groups. As the APPG gains yet more traction, it is imperative that we are able to raise sponsorship to build on our already substantial progress. To that end, we are inviting donations to support our work. Please find below a link for donations, which can be ‘one-off’ or on a monthly basis. We recommend a minimum donation of £250 per annum. There are also opportunities to sponsor events. For more information, please contact jackie@theathenafoundation.org.uk. Any donations will be recorded publicly in our register of interests.