APPGs face a challenge in securing support from organisations with an interest in their subject without running the risk compromising their independence and objectivity. Most are funded through membership fees, sponsorship arrangements and the support of a secretariat service through which information is collated and disseminated.

The APPG for Fair Business Banking is therefore supported by annual subscription fees from Associate Members, by individual sponsorship from companies and other interested groups through the support of its secretariat, the FBB Foundation. Associate Members have no say over the running of the group, and sponsorship confers no special access or privileges. All funds received (no matter how great or small the amount) are declared within the accounts of the FBB Foundation and reported to the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

All Party Parliamentary Groups

An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is an interest group that occupies a strategic and effective position within Parliament. It is cross-party, with a minimum number of parliamentarians from the Government and the official opposition, and cross-house, made up of both peers and MPs.

The APPG on Fair Business Banking is a platform through which businesses, professionals and trade bodies can discuss issues regarding commercial banking and its role in the life cycle of a business, and through which parliamentarians can access information on banking, finance and related issues, including business rescue and insolvency, on behalf of constituents.

As a cross-party group, the APPG is an effective vehicle to effect meaningful change via the Parliamentary system. The Group’s status is that of an APPG is bound by the rules set out by The Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. It does not have charitable status, or official status in the House, nor is it funded by Parliament. It relies wholly on the participation and contribution of parliamentarians, industry members and stakeholders committed to creating a strong platform for business in the UK to thrive.

The APPG is co-ordinated and administered via the APPG on Fair Business Banking Secretariat.

The APPG on Fair Business Banking processes personal data. Further information on the processing of personal data for constituents is found on our Data Protection Privacy Notice for Constituents and for members and affiliates of the APPG on our Data Protection Privacy Notice. We hold your information securely on Parliament’s digital network and keep your information for one year after the current Parliament ends (maximum of 5 years). We will not share your personal data with a third party unless we have your express consent. You have the right to access your data, withdraw consent for the APPG to hold your data, to have your data corrected or to restrict the use of your data at any time. Please contact buchananh@parliament.uk in order to do so. The data controller is the Chair of the APPG.

This is not an official website of the House of Commons or the House of Lords. It has not been approved by either House or its committees. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed in these webpages are those of the group.