Parliament 2015-2019

Parliament 2015 – 2019

Dispute Resolution

The Group is now turning its attention to the wider SME banking and finance sector and is launching a new stream of work with the aim of promoting the diversity of banking and finance options for SMEs.

Insolvency Reform

Insolvency is sometimes inevitable but on occasion it can be brought about by poor behaviour on the part of the main lender. There is currently no mechanism in insolvency law to deal with this situation, leaving businesses at risk of asset stripping and the insolvency system open to misuse.

Contractual Transparency

It is a surprise to many people that, when financial firms undertake commercial lending, that activity is largely unregulated.

Social Purpose Banking

There is a growing recognition, both within Parliament and the public, that the social purpose of the banking industry must be redefined to promote long-term sustainable development.